The Vimaren, or Hunters to most, are a semi-vampiric race solely focused on killing Shimaren.


Vimaren are physically similar to other vampires, but do not share most of their characteristics. They eat meat instead of blood, reproduce sexually, and are not immortal, typically living between 3 and 4 thousand years old, although older examples exist. They develop incredibly slowly, and their powers reach maturity at about 500 years of age.


Their hair changes color throughout their life, starting out white, then turning black, then silver at the peak of their power.


Vimaren organize into clans, with the only known clan being the Toreliaqne, or Tiger-Wolf Clan. The Toreliaqne is led by a king, Corik, and a queen, Sylphia.


The bloodline of the clan has two guardians, Qiva Liaqne and Mavia Toremit, both powerful beings, but with differing ideologies. Qiva's followers are heartless, but have great power, while Mavia's followers are more compassionate. Sylphia is one of Qiva's followers, while Corik is one of Mavia's. 



No one really knows when the Vimaren actually appeared, but they appear to have shown up a few millenia after the Shimaren. Now, they are almost extinct, due to their unshakable tradition of inbreeding.